Sweetly Dragon’s Den Response

Since airing on Dragon’s Den, Sweetly has enjoyed continued success in the market. However, we did learn quite a bit going through the process.

Simplified Systems

One issue that the dragons brought up was the complexity of our previous programs. At the time we offered the Swift Sale, Sweet Sale, and the Swift Sale PLUS. Since then we have simplified things for our customers while still offering the same level of service.

We’ve combined all of these programs into just one offering with no interest home improvement financing options available for those who want to use them.

The New Swift Sale

We pay 90% of appraised value (91% if you buy with Sweetly) on the day you choose. The payment is net to you without hidden fees, commissions, etc. You get to skip the hassles of listing your home & all the public showings.

If your home sells for more, then we’ll pay more. If your home sells for higher than the appraised value, Sweetly will give you 90% of that overage as well.

Traditional Listing – With Confidence

For those wishing to test the market, we have our traditional listing service. The advantage of listing with Sweetly is that you’ll always have a Swift Sale in your back pocket and access to our $25,000 interest-free home improvement allowance.

For those who wish to take advantage of our services and improve their home, we offer a $25,000 interest-free home improvement allowance that is available with any of our programs. This has allowed us to streamline our process and remove some of the confusion involved with having many different programs.


Our process remains the same. We’re the easiest way to sell a home. Sweetly uses a local independent Appraiser to assess the value of your home. Sweetly’s appraisal is without obligation, if you accept our offer you’ll receive 90% if the appraised value. You’ll also have the option to list with confidence with the knowledge you can change to a Swift Sale at any time.

You’re always in control.

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