Sell House Fast in Edmonton: How can I sell my house in less than a week?

The longer your home stays on the market, the more utility and mortgage bills you will have to pay. If you are looking to sell your house in the shortest time possible – the options you have are: Utilizing an iBuyer for a fair all-cash offer Selling to a known investor Working with a real […]

What is a Guaranteed Sale Program & What to Watch Out For

In Real Estate, you will often come across a program used by brokerages in that they will offer you a guaranteed sale. On the surface, this means that they are so confident in their ability to sell your home that if it does not sell for X days, they will then purchase it at a […]

What is an iBuyer?

What is an iBuyer? An iBuyer is a real estate company that utilizes technology to buy and sell homes quickly. The goal of an iBuyer is to simplify the process of a real estate transaction by eliminating the friction of seller pains. When selling to an iBuyer, you can sell your home to them on […]

Best Way to Sell Your House and Buy Another

Selling a home can be the most stressful experience of your life. You have to prepare to sell your home, find a real estate agent, clean the home, pack up the kids/pets, show the home, negotiate an offer, do an open house, more showings, and then more cleanings. To add to that long list of […]

What is an iBuyer in Canada?

The Rise of the iBuyer in Canada As people have turned to the convenience of online buying and selling in the past two decades, real estate has been one of the latest industries to experience a massive shift in consumer behaviours and expectations. Brokerages and other property sales services that haven’t adapted are experiencing a […]