What’s my home worth?

Should you use a value estimator tool or hire a home appraiser? Hiring a home appraiser is the best method of estimating the current value of a home (other than putting it on the market). Online value estimators can give you a great ballpark for what your home is worth, however, they may over or […]


Ask a Realtor is a feature where REALTOR® Ed Deprato answers questions from the public about Real Estate. How Long to Sell a House? Should I Buy or Sell First? How Should I Set my Asking Price? Do you have questions you would like to hear Ed answer? Leave them in the comments below or […]

Things to do and not do before closing: What happens at closing in Edmonton?

Closing day is the same as possession day. It’s the day that the buyer’s lawyer sends the funds to the seller’s lawyer. The seller’s lawyer will pay out any mortgages, liens, lines of credit, etc which are registered against the property. They will then make an application to Land Titles to have the title transferred […]

What Should You Consider When Choosing Your Move-out Date?

Whether it’s called a move-out date, possession date, closing date, or completion date, they all refer to the big day regarding your sale. It’s the day that the seller gets their sale price, and the buyer gets their new home. Choosing your possession date is traditionally negotiated between the buyer and seller. Often the possession […]

What are the most common mistakes that homebuyers make in Alberta?

The costliest mistake you can make when buying or selling a home in Alberta is signing a contract for a home that may have underlying issues – without any conditions. The repercussions could be losing your down payment, and if you pull out at the wrong time, the other party may take legal action. There […]

What is a Guaranteed Sale Program & What to Watch Out For

In Real Estate, you will often come across a program used by brokerages in that they will offer you a guaranteed sale. On the surface, this means that they are so confident in their ability to sell your home that if it does not sell for X days, they will then purchase it at a […]

How to get a real property report in Alberta

The easiest and cheapest way to get a Real Property Report in Alberta is to utilize the one you have or contact the original land surveyor who created the first report and request an update. You may also hire a certified Alberta Land Surveyor. Below is everything you need to know about Real Property Reports […]