What paperwork is needed to sell a house without an agent?

While selling a home on your own may seem overwhelming at first, with some organization beforehand you can avoid costly mistakes and missing out on potential buyers. Selling your home without a real estate agent is often done to cut costs and increase profits. However, it’s not as easy as just listing the house for […]

What’s my home worth?

Should you use a value estimator tool or hire a home appraiser? Hiring a home appraiser is the best method of estimating the current value of a home (other than putting it on the market). Online value estimators can give you a great ballpark for what your home is worth, however, they may over or […]


Ask a Realtor is a feature where REALTOR® Ed Deprato answers questions from the public about Real Estate. How Long to Sell a House? Should I Buy or Sell First? How Should I Set my Asking Price? Do you have questions you would like to hear Ed answer? Leave them in the comments below or […]

Things to do and not do before closing: What happens at closing in Edmonton?

Closing day is the same as possession day. It’s the day that the buyer’s lawyer sends the funds to the seller’s lawyer. The seller’s lawyer will pay out any mortgages, liens, lines of credit, etc which are registered against the property. They will then make an application to Land Titles to have the title transferred […]

How to close a real estate deal in Edmonton with or without an agent

In Alberta, the simplified purchase process is as follows: (1) The buyer makes an offer. (2) The seller accepts the offer and signs the contract. (3) The escrow amount clears. (4) The parties exchange all necessary documents. However, complications may delay closing for days, weeks, or even months. To avoid delays in closing when buying […]