Selling a House That Smells Like Smoke

Section 1: The Challenge of Smoke Odors Impact of Smoke Smell on Property Value and Buyer Perception The pervasive aroma of cigarette smoke in a property can serve as a significant deterrent to potential buyers, driving down property values. A home that carries the lingering scent of smoke may signal to buyers that there could […]

How to Sell a House After Someone Dies

Selling a home is often a complex and emotional process, but when it comes after the death of a homeowner, it can become even more challenging. The intertwining of legal obligations, familial responsibilities, and personal emotions can create a web of complexities that requires careful navigation. Whether it’s a family home filled with memories or […]

When Should Seniors Sell Their Home?

When Should Senior Citizens Sell Their Home? Considerations, Tips, and More As the golden years approach, many seniors find themselves faced with a multitude of important decisions, not least of which is the question of housing. For those who own their homes, the decision of whether or not to sell can be both complex and […]

‘We Buy Houses for Cash’ Signs: Possible Scam or Legitimate Offer?

Think about it. These type of signs and tactics never read “We buy apartment building, hotels, or strip malls”. Why? Because owners of bigger assets generally understand the value of good representation from a good agent. These tactics don’t screen through a good REALTOR®. At the residential level, most agents are entry level qualified, and […]

Alternatives to Bridge Financing for Your House

What is bridge financing? Bridge financing, also known as a bridge loan, is a type of short-term financing that helps bridge the gap between the immediate need for funding and the availability of long-term financing. It is a type of loan that is usually taken out for a period as short as a week, or […]

Common Real Estate Contingencies

When buying or selling a home a real estate, it is essential to understand what a contingency is. What is a Real Estate Contingency Clause? A contingency clause allows all parties to back out of the legal agreement if a certain set of circumstances are met. Common Contingencies in Home Purchase Contracts Some of the […]

How to Sell Your Home Fast in Calgary

If you’re looking to sell your house quickly in Calgary there are a few different methods to consider. The fastest method with a sure sale is to utilize Sweetly’s Swift Sale which allows you to receive a first payment based off of the appraised value of your home on the day you choose. If your […]

How to sell a co-owned or jointly owned property in Alberta

Under Law of Property Act, provincial courts can physically divide land or property if the co-owners cannot agree. Consequently, before you sell co-owned property in the province, it is in the interest of both parties to agree. If you intend to sell a co-owned home or property traditionally in Alberta, below is what you need […]

What happens if you can’t pay your mortgage?

Whether you have lost your job, gone for a vacation, or are struggling with severe health conditions, there could be many reasons that make you fall short on payments even after doing everything to adjust your budget. So, in that case, here are the consequences and solutions if you’re unable to pay your monthly mortgage […]

What happens when you inherit a house?

Inheritance is the distribution of an individual’s property after their death. The situation can get complicated if a person dies without a valid will. The first thing to know is that you don’t have to pay money to transfer the house to your name if you inherit a house. Inheriting a house can be daunting […]