Common Real Estate Contingencies

When buying or selling a home a real estate, it is essential to understand what a contingency is. What is a Real Estate Contingency Clause? A contingency clause allows all parties to back out of the legal agreement if a certain set of circumstances are met. Common Contingencies in Home Purchase Contracts Some of the […]

How to Reduce Property Insurance Premiums in Canada

Having property insurance is necessary -in that- you will not suffer total property loss in the event of theft, vandalism, fires, or an act of nature. But the cost of coverage, mortgage, and other financial commitments will add up – costing you thousands of dollars annually. To avoid undue hardship, you need a targeted approach […]

How to Pass a Home Inspection

It’s not a strictly pass or fail test A common question we hear from our clients before we list their home for sale is, “How do I pass a home inspection?” The first thing to realize is that a home inspection is not a pass or a fail test. This common misconception is simply a […]